News Roundup: IoT and Biometric Wearables

Last week at Mobile ID World we prepared to head to Las Vegas for this week’s Money20/20 while Internet of Things (IoT), biometric wearables, smartphone integrations, and mobile commerce filled out our industry news coverage.

Here’s a look back on the top mobile identity management stories from last week:

IoT and Biometric Wearables

News Roundup: IoT and Biometric WearablesLast week we took a look at how the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone might one day be used to unlock your connected car while we reported on the new Windows IoT starter kits. Gemalto announced its Allynis Trusted Services Hub is being used to ensure security on Alibaba’s YunOS platform, too. Meanwhile, we reported on the recent launch of the Nymi Band Early Access program, which heralds the coming of cardiac biometrics used for persistent, wearable authentication.

Take a look at last week’s IoT and wearables news:

New Starter Kits Promote Windows IoT Development

Could Touch ID Be Used As A Connected Car Key?

Gemalto Solution Supports Alibaba IoT OS

Nymi Announces Early Access Program For Biometric Wearable


News Roundup: IoT and Biometric WearablesThis week we will be reporting live from Money20/20 where Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill is hosting a high profile biometrics and FinTech panel. For the past three years, biometrics has been growing in popularity at the Las Vegas conference, and this year will be no exception as we saw in our previews of what Daon and Mastercard have in store for the event.

Mastercard Will Be At Money20/20 To Talk Biometrics

Daon To Participate in Biometrics and FinTech Discussion at Money20/20

Samsung News

News Roundup: IoT and Biometric WearablesNew reports out of Korea have the internet buzzing: Samsung isn’t done with mobile iris biometrics and plans to include the feature on the Galaxy S8 smartphone. The tech giant is also interested in bringing about the next wave of connectivity and, in service of that goal, the company hosted the Silicon Valley 5G Summit in San Jose last week. Meanwhile, Samsung subsidiary Samsung SDS America, prepared for a summit of its own: the upcoming expert webinar, ‘FinServ in the New Age of Identity: Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns’.

Here’s how samsung had us talking about biometrics, mobility, and connectivity:

Samsung SDSA, Mobile ID World Webinar to Delve Into FinServ Biometrics

Samsung’s Not Done With Mobile Iris Biometrics: Report

Samsung Aims to Spur 5G Action with Silicon Valley Summit

Mobile Commerce

News Roundup: IoT and Biometric WearablesApple Pay made headlines last week with rumors of its Japanese and German launch times, as well as with a new use case involving secure and convenient call center sales. Speaking of expansion, EyeVerify announced that, in the wake of its recent acquisition by AliPay operator Ant Financial, it is scaling up. All of this innovation and expansion is on trend with the mobile commerce market, which continues to grow in payments but also banking. New research from Juniper predicts there will be two billion mobile banking users, worldwide, by 2022.

Apple Pay Expansion Points to Great Ambitions

Eckoh and Worldpay Demonstrate Telephone-based Apple Pay Payment

Mobile Banking Users to Reach Two Billion by 2022: Juniper Research

Post-Acquisition, EyeVerify is Scaling Up, Increasing Staff

Smartphones With Fingerprint Sensors

News Roundup: IoT and Biometric WearablesAnother week, another new wave of fingerprint sensing phones. We reported on Fingerprint Cards sensor integrations on SK Telecom and Huawei handsets last week while IDEX announced its Cardinal Q technology is featured on a smartphone from LG.

Take a look at the following links to learn about the newest biometric smartphones:

LG Stylo 2 V Features Cardinal Q Fingerprint Sensor

FPC Featured in Huawei Honor 6X Smartphone

SK Telecom Launches Luna S Handset with FPC Biometric Sensor

Honor 8 Smart Features Precise Biometrics Tech

Speech Recognition Innovation

News Roundup: IoT and Biometric WearablesLast week we saw Microsoft announcing its speech recognition technology has reached human parity, while a new patent awarded to Amazon might see us talking to our own personal drone assistants in a not too distant future.

Microsoft Reaches Human Parity in Speech Recognition Tech

Amazon Patents Personal Drone Assistant

Strong Authentication Platforms

News Roundup: IoT and Biometric WearablesHYPR, the company behind an eponymous multimodal biometric authentication platform, announced last week that it has recently raised $3 million in venture capital. Meanwhile, Uniken, whose REL-ID digital security platform is aimed at enterprise customers, joined the FIDO Alliance.

Learn more about these companies and their platforms below:

HYPR Raises $3 Million in Venture Capital

Uniken, Inc. Joins FIDO Alliance


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