News Roundup: The Season’s Big Mobile ID Events

Last week at Mobile ID World we took an advanced look at some of the big digital identity events of the season while mobile biometrics integrations, FinTech, and 5G innovations rounded out the headlines.

Here is a look back on the biggest stories in mobile identity from last week:

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The Season’s Big Mobile ID Events

News Roundup: The Season’s Big Mobile ID EventsOn November 2 Samsung SDS America and Mobile ID World are hosting the mobile biometrics online event of the year: FinServ in the New Age of Identity: Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns. In preparation for the event, we examined what to expect from the webinar and gave some background on the expert speakers and their stated views on authentication. The Samsung SDSA webinar will be taking place quickly on the heels of Money20/20 in Las Vegas, a conference that we are beginning to anticipate with previews of event participation from the likes of STC Group.

All that and more made up last week’s mobile ID event coverage. Follow the links below to learn more.

Here’s What To Expect From Samsung SDS America’s Big Biometrics Webinar

What To Expect From STC Group at Money20/20

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Mobile Payments

mobile payments, mcommerce, mobile wallet featureVisa released its 2016 Digital Payments Study last week. Based on a survey of 36,000 users across Europe, the study shows the sharp rise in mobile payment adoption. Elsewhere in the world, mPayments are just getting started, with Apple Pay having launched in New Zealand.

Visa Survey Tracks Rise of mPayments in Europe

Apple Pay Launches in New Zealand

5G and Wearable Tech

News Roundup: The Season’s Big Mobile ID EventsApple also made wearables news last week with the filing of a new patent that has many speculating future Apple Watches might identify their wearers based on cardiac biometrics. Speaking of the future of connected devices, new developments recently reported by Ericsson make it look like 5G services could be making their way to Europe in just over a year.

Ericsson on Track to Bring 5G Services to Europe as Soon as 2018

Apple IP Filings Cover Wristband Biometrics

Mobile Biometrics Integrations

News Roundup: The Season’s Big Mobile ID EventsMobile biometrics integrations made up the bulk of the industry news last week. Synaptics’ Natural ID fingerprint sensors were integrated on the new TCL 950 handset, while Fingerprint Cards announced its technology is shipping on smartphones from Huawei and Xiaomi. Samsung Electronics, meanwhile, halted sales and exchanges of its iris scanning smartphone, the Galaxy Note7, in the wake of more reports of handsets catching fire.

Precise BioMatch Mobile Powers Biometrics on New Chinese Smartphone

Synaptics Sensor Powers TCL 950 Biometrics

Mi Max Prime Features FPC Sensor, Precise Biometrics Software

Honor 8 Smart Features FPC1025 Sensor

Samsung Halts Sales and Exchanges of Note7 After More Reports of Fires

Strong Authentication Essentials

News Roundup: The Season’s Big Mobile ID EventsNok Nok Labs launched the S3 Authentication Suite Premium Edition last week while Fujitsu integrated ImageWare’s GoVerifyID platform into its own Smart Origination solution. Oberthur Technologies made the news too, announcing that 360 has selected its PEARL by OT secure element technology for the Q5 and Q5 Plus mobile devices.

360 Goes with Oberthur Technologies eSE for Q5 Phones

NNL Launches Premium Edition of Flagship Authentication Platform

GoVerifyID Integrated into Fujitsu’s Smart Origination

FPC Operations

News Roundup: The Season’s Big Mobile ID EventsFinally, Fingerprint Cards made the news outside of its usual mobile integrations. The company’s business developer, Johan Carlström, has left the company to pursue entrepreneurial commitments, the company announced last week. FPC also announced the schedule of its Q3 report and subsequent conference call, slated for later this month.

Johan Carlström To Make Official Exit From FPC Oct 15

FPC Schedules Q3 2016 Phone Conference


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