News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are Spreading

Last week at Mobile ID World mobile wallets dominated the industry news with new regional deployments and the high profile launch of Aadhaar Pay in India. Internet of Things eSIM solutions had a strong presence too, while we learned more about upcoming biometric smartphone launches and reported on the new world record in speech recognition accuracy.

The Spread of the Mobile Wallets

News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are SpreadingAadhaar Pay launched in India, stealing the thunder from Samsung Pay which also picked last week for its entry into the region. Android Pay made its way to Belgium, in the meantime, and Apple Pay had is own share of headlines, getting the go-ahead to launch in Taiwan, going live in Ireland, and scoring support from ActBlue.

Read all about last week’s big mobile wallet news:

Android Pay Launches in Belgium as Rivals March Elsewhere

Apple Pay Comes to Ireland, Italy and Taiwan May Be Next

Aadhaar Pay is Now Active in India

Apple Pay a New Vehicle for Democrat Support with ActBlue Integration

Apple Pay Green Light for Taiwan, ‘New Life’ in Japan

Awkward Timing for India Launch of Samsung Pay

The Bigger Financial Discussion

News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are SpreadingThere is more to mobile ID in finance than consumer mobile wallets, and that is going to be a topic of discussion at the upcoming Money20/20 Europe conference in Copenhagen. The conference’s itinerary was unveiled last week, confirming that our sister site FindBiometrics will once again be bringing biometrics to the event with the panel, The power of choice: Why multimodal biometrics are taking over FinTech. Read more at the link below:

FindBiometrics Will Be at Money20/20 Europe


News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are SpreadingFIDO standards were in the news last week thanks to a new white paper published by the consortium outlining how Alliance specifications can complement existing government protocols. Meanwhile, alliance co-founder Nok Nok Labs launched a Premium Edition version of its S3 Authentication Suite. Check out last week’s news featuring the FIDO Alliance:

FIDO Standards Could Complement PIV: White Paper

New S3 Authentication Suite Offers FIDO Server Supporting UAF and U2F

Internet of Things

News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are SpreadingMorphoFlex, Safran Identity & Security’s eSIM solution, has received ISO certification, we reported last week. Oberthur announced its own eSIM solution last week too, while Airtel Lanka deployed Gemalto’s Device Management platform. Rounding out the IoT news, NXP Semiconductors announced the world’s smallest single chip System-on-Ship solution—ideal for healthcare, automotive applications and more.

NXP Announces ‘World’s Smallest’ Single-Chip SoC, Embedded World 2017 Plans

Airtel Lanka Embraces Gemalto Solution for Remote Device Configuration

MorphoFlex eSIM Solution is Road-Ready with ISO Certification

OT Announces eSIM Solution for Windows 10


News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are SpreadingA new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor was announced by InvenSense and GlobalFoundries last week while Zwipe issued an update on its progress with biometric payment card solutions, stating that it’s on track for a 2017 launch. A new report had us once again speculating about next gen Touch ID on the iPhone 8, which now looks like it could very well be an under-glass deployment of fingerprint biometrics.

InvenSense and GlobalFoundries Develop Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

Zwipe’s Biometric Payment Cards ‘On Track’ for 2017 Debut

Apple Takes Last-Minute Change of Course for In-Display Touch ID: Report

Mobile Biometrics

News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are SpreadingOther mobile biometrics news had us talking about behavioral biometrics for BlackBerry and facial recognition for the next Galaxy handset, while mobile biometrics company ImageWare Systems prepared to meet investors at this week’s 29th ROTH Capital Partners Conference.

Facial Recognition to Complement Galaxy S8’s Iris Scanning: Report

Risk Assessing App Adjusts Authentication Demands on BlackBerry Dynamics

ImageWare Systems Will Be Presenting at ROTH Capital Partners Conference

Speech and Voice Recognition

News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are SpreadingAccording to PayPal the next step in convenient commerce might be powered by voice recognition. Kwikset announced its connected door locks that can fasten themselves via voice command, and IBM broke the speech recognition accuracy record, in turn redefining the benchmark for human parity. Here are last week’s stories in speech and voice biometrics:

Kwikset Lets Alexa Lock the Door for You

IBM Breaks Speech Recognition Record with 5.5% Error Rate

PayPal Hints at Coming ‘Conversational Commerce’


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