News Roundup: The Samsung Galaxy Note7’s Iris Biometrics

Last week at Mobile ID World mobile iris recognition hogged the spotlight with the launch announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Meanwhile, the industry news was filled with fingerprint sensors, user interface tech, Windows 10 Anniversary Update news, and much more.

Introducing The Galaxy Note7

News Roundup: The Samsung Galaxy Note7's Iris BiometricsLast Tuesday, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note7 handset—its first consumer-facing smartphone to feature iris recognition for access control, enabled in part by Qualcomm. The new biometric feature is already a hit, with two Korean banks making moves to leverage the modality for mobile app sign on, and iris scanning now supported for Samsung Pay transactions. The launch is in keeping with recent statements from Delta ID, which is heralding the rise of mobile iris biometrics.

Iris Scanner Key to Note7’s Strong Security Pitch

South Korean Customers To Use Galaxy Note7 Iris Scanning For Mobile Banking

Qualcomm Tech Plays Key Role in Galaxy Note7

Mobile Iris Biometrics On The Rise: Delta ID

Fingerprint Cards

News Roundup: The Samsung Galaxy Note7's Iris BiometricsDespite all the iris hubbub, fingerprint biometrics remained a fixture of the industry news last week, with Fingerprint Cards’ new CEO taking charge. The major sensor manufacturer also had its share of integration announcements, with its technology featured on newly launched smartphones from ZUK, OPPO,and Huawei.

Fingerprint Cards’ New CEO Takes The Helm

Huawei Honor 8 Features Fingerprint Cards Biometric Tech

OPPO F1s Uses FPC, Precise Biometrics Tech

ZUK Z2 Rio Features Fingerprint Biometrics From FPC

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

News Roundup: The Samsung Galaxy Note7's Iris BiometricsThe big mobile wallets made headlines last week. Apple Pay scored support from Canada’s PC Financial while we learned that Samsung Pay is slated for a South African launch early next year.

Samsung Pay to Arrive in South Africa Early Next Year

Apple Pay Gets PC Financial Support

Two Factor Authentication

News Roundup: The Samsung Galaxy Note7's Iris BiometricsAccording to Yubico, non-FIDO Alliance members are turning to the consortium’s U2F standard for password replacement. iovation, in the meantime, was declared a Gold winner at The Golden Bridge Awards, in the category of  Authentication (Two-Factor) – Innovations, thanks to its passwordless Customer Authentication service.

FIDO U2F Standard Catching On With Non-Members

iovation Wins Industry Award for Passwordless Solution

Windows 10 Anniversary

MicrosoftThe Windows 10 Anniversary Update launched last week, and with it Microsoft Edge received a biometric upgrade. Microsoft biometrics partner BIO-key was ready for the update, having worked with Microsoft to ensure compatibility with its biometric solutions, and now thanks to a new distribution partner, its fingerprint readers and software are more accessible than ever before. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions provider SOTI is also ready for the update, announcing last week that it is offering same-day support.

Microsoft Edge Features Extensions, Better Accessibility, Biometrics

BIO-key Partners With Powerful Distributor

EMM Solutions Provider Offers Windows 10 Update Support

The Mobile ID Powered Future

News Roundup: The Samsung Galaxy Note7's Iris BiometricsNew research from Acuity Market Intelligence is predicting the peak of ePassports and the advent of virtual mobile credentials powered by biometrics—a welcome forecast for those of us eager to see the convenient and secure mobile-powered future. Speaking of which, Zipcar is embracing biometrics in the name of convenient identity assurance, announcing last week that it will allow users to sign up for its car sharing service remotely by using selfie-based face recognition.

Zipcar Brings Mobile Biometrics To Member Registration

ePassports To Be Replaced By Virtual Credentials: Acuity

User Interface

News Roundup: The Samsung Galaxy Note7's Iris BiometricsMuch has been made out of the relationship between human accents and voice command technologies, with some modes of speaking proving ineffective and others finding themselves affected by the stilted speech used for prime AI response rates. Last week we saw Google addressing an aspect of this phenomenon, making a call for Scottish people to teach its AI how to understand their accent.

Meanwhile, eyeCam launched a crowdfunding campaign for its eyeHand interface solution. Here is how user interface made headlines last week:

Google Wants to Understand Scots

Investors Invited to Lend a Hand to eyeHand Development


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