News Roundup: Touch ID Comes To The MacBook Pro

Last week at Mobile ID World we saw Apple launch its first ever fingerprint biometrics enabled Macbook Pro. Meanwhile, we were at Money20/20 covering the year’s biggest FinTech news as the Internet of Things rounded out the headlines along with some new biometric smartphone launches.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile identity management:

Apple’s Touch ID MacBook Pro Announcement

News Roundup: Touch ID Comes To The MacBook ProThe latest Apple keynote event unveiled the company’s latest biometrics-enabled hardware: the new MacBook Pro. Siri received an upgrade too, one focused on Apple TV. Now, the voice-based AI is aware of live sports events, and can respond to any commands given to her regarding currently airing games.

Here’s what’s new with Apple in the wake of the company’s latest announcements:

CONFIRMED: Touch ID Biometrics on New MacBook Pro

Siri Knows About Sports, Will Help You With The TV


News Roundup: Touch ID Comes To The MacBook ProIt looks like Samsung Pay is on its way to Canada this week, one of the four international markets expecting the mobile wallet to launch in its borders before 2016 is over. Last week we reported on Samsung’s plans to launch the platform in Malaysia, Russia, and Thailand before the start of 2017, while the company held a shareholder meeting and addressed the moves it’s making in the wake of its Galaxy Note7 recall.

Samsung Pay To Launch Canada: Reports

Samsung Commits to QC Reform, Innovation at Shareholder Meeting

Samsung Pay Expanding To Malaysia, Russia, Thailand and the Web


News Roundup: Touch ID Comes To The MacBook ProWe were in Las Vegas last week for Money 20/20, where Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill hosted the annual biometrics panel at the conference. The event has had a growing biometrics presence over the past four years, and last week it was clear that Moeny20/20 is where the big financial authentication news comes in the back half of the year. Visa and Mastercard each announced major integrations for their digital payments platforms, we saw a biometric credit card sporting a Fingerprint Cards sensor, the FIDO Alliance partnered with EMVCo, and many other major industry developments had all identity concerned eyes on Vegas last week. Take a look at some of the big mobile ID headlines out of this year’s Money20/20:

Gardevant Card Brings Biometrics To POS and Online Shopping

Mastercard Is Dramatically Expanding Masterpass

Visa Opens Access to Tokenization Service

Money20/20: FIDO Alliance and EMVCo Are Developing Mobile Payments Specification

Money20/20: Visa and Intel Team Up to Develop Security for IoT Transactions

Money20/20: Android Pay To Expand Via Masterpass and Visa Checkout

Fingerprint Cards Sensor Embedded in Biometric Credit Card

FinTech Outside of Vegas

News Roundup: Touch ID Comes To The MacBook ProThe financial identity news wasn’t just confined to Las Vegas last week. Safran Identity & Security announced its own mPayment app, Aurionpro integrated ImageWare’s GoVerifyID platform into its Digital Bank DX kiosk, and PayPal announced that it’s coming to Facebook and Messenger. Meanwhile, we reported on new research from Javelin detailing how mobile purchases are soaring to new heights, and NuData made a case for behavioral biometrics by releasing numbers on the rise of mobile fraud.

Now Safran Has an mPayment Platform Too

PayPal is Coming to Facebook and Messenger

Aurionpro Integrates GoVerifyID into Digital Branch DX

Mobile Purchases to Reach $320B by 2020: Javelin

NuData Expects Sharp Rise in Mobile Fraud

Biometric Authentication Software

News Roundup: Touch ID Comes To The MacBook ProTOC Biometrics launched a biometric consent app last week, while EyeVerify updated the liveness detection for its Eyeprint ID solution. Jumio added facial recognition to its Netverify offering, and we reported on a partnership between BioConnect and VoiceVault.

TOC App Launches on iOS and Android

Eyeprint ID iOS App Update Improves Liveness Detection

VoiceVault Biometrics Come To BioConnect Platform

Jumio Brings Face Biometrics to Netverify

Internet of Things

News Roundup: Touch ID Comes To The MacBook ProLast week we saw Microsoft’s Azure IoT division setting up an Internet of Things security oversight program while we looked ahead to this year’s IoT Solutions World Congress, where NEC will be showing off its shopper analytics platform which leverages face biometrics.

NEC To Showcase IoT Retail Analytics Solution

Microsoft Azure Sets Up Security Oversight Program for IoT Development

Fingerprint Smartphone Integrations

News Roundup: Touch ID Comes To The MacBook ProIt’s just not a week in mobile ID without a few new mobile device fingerprint sensor integrations. Last week we saw BlackBerry launch its very first fingerprint sensor smartphone while Fingerprint Cards announced its sensors are shipping on new handsets from Xiaomi and Huawei. FPC isn’t only in the mobile device business, however, and with its Q3 interim report the company’s CEO mentioned that PCs are an obvious area of expansion for Fingerprint Cards.

FPC Provides Biometric Sensor on Huawei Enjoy 6

FPC Sensors In New Xiaomi Mi Mix and Xiaomi Note 2 Smartphones

Last Flagship BlackBerry is First with Fingerprint Sensor

FPC CEO Contemplates PC Biometrics


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