News Roundup: Warring AI, Wearable Payments

Last week at Mobile ID World we reported on warring AI, the pain of passwords, biometric smartphones, and strong online authentication.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile digital identity:

Warring AI

News Roundup: Warring AI, Wearable PaymentsRumor has it that Apple is going to unveil its long awaited AI powered smart home hub at the upcoming Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Siri might be on her way to the connected home, but she’s already made an enemy along the way: Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant. Reports came in last week that the newest AI persona on the virtual block will issue a Siri diss track if users ask it to rap.

Bixby Makes South Korea Debut with Siri Diss Track

Apple May Unveil Echo Rival at WWDC: Report

Past Passwords

News Roundup: Warring AI, Wearable PaymentsPassword pain was on the docket last week thanks to World Password Day, which served as a helpful reminder that we’re not quite living in a better future with strong authentication readily available and universally supported. Better-than-password security solutions continued to launch, however. The new HID Approve offers device-based swipe authentication, and IdentityForce has begun to offer its customers biometric 2FA security. The demand for better security is strong in the financial space too, as we saw with a new survey from EyeVerify, which illustrates a growing consumer appetite for biometrics in FinTech.

IdentityForce Offers Two Factor Authentication for Members

Familiarity Builds Appetite for Biometric Login, Suggests EyeVerify Survey

On World Password Day Remember: Passwords Are Terrible

HID Approve Lets Users Swipe Right to Authenticate


News Roundup: Warring AI, Wearable PaymentsThe FIDO Alliance is preaching the benefits of its strong online authentication standards in Europe, with a seminar held in Paris on Friday, and another in Barcelona scheduled for today. The Alliance made contact with NIST last week too, urging the standard institute to add a multi-factor requirement to its cyber-security framework.

FIDO Announces Free, Europe-Focused Authentication Seminars

FIDO Urges NIST to Add Multi-Factor Security Requirement to Cybersecurity Framework Update


News Roundup: Warring AI, Wearable PaymentsApple Pay usage is way up, year-over-year, according to the Cupertino company’s latest quarterly update. Samsung Pay, meanwhile, is on its way to the UK, with a rumored May 16 launch date. Wearable payments made the news too, with ExxonMobile enabling Apple Pay on Apple Watch, and Oberther’s MiniFOB scoring support from UAE Exchange.

Apple Pay Use Up 450 Percent Against Q1 of 2016

Maybe May for Samsung Pay in the UK

OT MiniFOB Enables Wearable Payments for UAE Exchange Customers

ExxonMobil Enables Apple Watch Payments


News Roundup: Warring AI, Wearable PaymentsGemalto announced its embedded Secure Element tech is going to be integrated into Samsung’s Galaxy S8 devices in select markets. Meanwhile, speculation swirled around the iPhone 8, with the latest reports suggesting a release delay thanks to Touch ID trouble. In fingerprint sensor integrations we reported on two new devices, one featuring an FPC sensor, another featuring biometrics from IDEX.

IDEX’s Cardinal Q Fingerprint Sensor Integrated into Another Smartphone

OPPO F3 Uses FPC1245 Sensor

Gemalto Embedded Secure Element to Support Samsung Galaxy S8 in Select Markets

iPhone 8 Faces Delays, Possibly Into Next Year: Reports

Worldwide Biometrics

News Roundup: Warring AI, Wearable PaymentsOn a global scale, last week saw Credence ID sharpening its focus on Latin America. The theme of this year’s TRUSTECH conference was announced, and Gemalto shared an award with the National Police Board of Finland for a biometric ePassport and ID card featuring the former’s technology.

Credence ID Sharpens Focus on Latin America

Gemalto and National Police Board of Finland Celebrate Award for Biometric ID

Biometrics and Smart Cards to Converge at Trustech 2017


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