RSA SecurID Access Gets Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium Compatibility

RSA’s SecurID Access solution is now compatible with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, enabling additional two-factor authentication options for end users.

RSA SecurID Access Gets Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium CompatibilityThe development comes after RSA SecurID Access was upgraded earlier this year to enable cloud-based authentication, and to introduce a digital threat assessment feature based on end user metadata. RSA SecurID Access also enables biometric authentication based on fingerprint and eye recognition, in addition to 2FA based on push notifications.

The rising threat of data breaches loomed in a statement announcing the compatibility, with RSA emphasizing that “[s]ecurity concerns with the cloud are still very prevalent, and account hijacking via stolen credentials remains a top concern.” But Microsoft Identity Division program management director Alex Simons asserted that organizations “are increasingly looking to the cloud to drive IT transformation,” and added that together with RSA, Microsoft “can simplify and secure our shared customers move to the cloud.”

The Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium compatibility is available in the Enterprise and Premium editions of the latest version of RSA SecurID Access.