Rugged LG X Venture Uses FPC Sensor

The LG X Venture smartphone features fingerprint sensor technology from Fingerprint Cards, the biometrics specialist has revealed.

The device was launched at the end of this past May and is known for its durability, with LG having boasted that the phone has passed various US military standard tests demonstrating its resistance to water, dust, and extreme temperatures. As such, its use of an FPC1145 fingerprint sensor helps to demonstrate the durability of Fingerprint Cards’ technology.

FPC has announced a couple of other LG deployments since the launch of the LG X Venture at the start of summer. The FPC1035 sensor’s integration into the G6 Plus was announced in June, and late July brought news of that same sensor model’s integration into the LG Q8.

FPC’s revelation of the LG X Venture integration comes on the heels of the company’s announcement that its technology is being used in a new smartphone from Xiaomi, another longtime FPC client that has enthusiastically embraced its biometric technology.

Sources: Fingerprint Cards, The Verge