Ruggedized Biometric Tablet Gets FBI Certification

AMREL has received FBI certification for another of its ruggedized tablets. The company has announced that its Flexpedient AT80B Biometric Tablet is in compliance with the IQS EBTS Mobile ID FAP 45 Appendix F Specifications.

Ruggedized Biometric Tablet Gets FBI CertificationThat essentially means that it has been deemed to meet the FBI’s criteria for single- and dual-finger flat and rolled prints, ensuring its compatible for use with the FBI’s Next Generation Identification database. It’s also now on the FBI’s Certified Products Listing. That should open up the product to a larger market, particularly with respect to government applications.

The accreditation, while important, was to be expected. Like AMREL’s recent XP7-ID handheld biometric scanner, the AT80B features Integrated Biometrics’ Sherlock sensor, which is itself FBI certified, helping to ensure that its integrating device attained FBI certification as well.

Also like that device, the AT80B is being marketed to the law enforcement community, where its durability and IP67 rating should offer particular value with respect to in-the-field deployments. Moreover, AMREL has been keen to highlight the AT80 platform’s customizability since its launch last autumn, with AMREL VP of Operations Kalvin Chen asserting that the AT80B Biometric Tablet’s dual finger scanner “was added in less than a week.” Together with its FBI certification, this should make the device appealing to law enforcement agencies in need of rugged in-the-field identification technology.