Rumor: Nexus 6 Smartphone to Feature Fingerprint Sensor

Biometrics on smartphones have been gaining traction, just as experts predicted last year. There are two major flagship model smartphones on the market right now with fingerprint sensors (one of which can authorize PayPal transactions) and a growing number of viable biometric software solutions that can add a biometric upgrade to the mobile lives of consumers.

A recent post on Android Geeks, authored by LIVIU ANCA, cites a trusted insider source, reporting that the upcoming Google Nexus 6 will have a fingerprint sensor of its own.

Here is what the article says:

“A trusted insider has confirmed for Android Geeks that Google will continue their collaboration with LG and that the Nexus 5 follow-up will be based on the hardware platform and design of the yet-unannounced LG G3. He also said that Google is in advanced talks with several Asian fingerprint sensor suppliers, hinting that the Nexus 6 will be ready to take on Apple’s Touch ID sensor.”

As a member of the FIDO Alliance, Google is among a number of strong authentication allies, including PayPal, MasterCard and Nok Nok Labs, so a fingerprint sensor (which really is starting to seem like a standard feature) is not a big leap of the imagination.

There is no official announcement date set for the new Google smartphone, but speculation is leading many to believe that, like the previous three Nexus mobiles, October will be the introduction date.