Rumor Mill Spinning Over Samsung’s “Project Zero”

iStock_GalaxyThe rumor mill is spinning around Samsung’s “Project Zero”, which is thought to be its Galaxy S6 smartphone, according to an International Business Times article by Fionna Agomuoh. The level of chatter is indicative of the high anticipation for the device, which most likely won’t be released until the spring of 2015.

The most exciting rumor, as Agomuoh notes, is that the device will feature a “dual edge display”, meaning it will have a screen curving around the edge of each of its faces. There are also rumors of the implementation of a new design material, in addition to the usual speculation about improved processing power, camera function, etc.

It’s also fair to speculate that the device will incorporate biometric technology of some kind. Fingerprint scanners are quickly becoming standard features on even low-end smartphones – which are cutting into Samsung’s market share and causing some of its recent business strategy changes – while premium mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone are now using other biometric sensors to collect health data. So whatever else Samsung’s new device may offer, it will almost certainly be a part of the ongoing biometrics revolution.