Safran Considers Expansion Into mPayments Via AirTag

Having acquired mobile commerce startup AirTag late last year, Safran Identity & Security is starting to promote its expanding AirShop platform.Safran Considers Expansion Into mPayments Via AirTag

The company says AirShop is already being used to arrange product pre-orders with major European supermarkets including G20, Dia, Le Duff Group, Brioche Dorée, Carrefour, Ronde des Pains, and Casino, and that it’s preparing to launch a home delivery system for KFC in the UK, with whom AirTag already runs a mobile coupon system. Meanwhile, internal discussions are taking place regarding its expansion into proper in-store mobile payments.

The efforts point to increasing interest in mobile payments on Safran’s part as the mPayment market continues to grow. While Safran Identity & Security is primarily a provider of security solutions such as biometric authentication, such technologies are increasingly tied up in the various digital transaction platforms that are now emerging, offering new business opportunities for the company and its AirTag arm.