Safran, Cortus to Offer Low-Power, Secure Processing for IoT

Low-power, secure processing is the innovation sought from a new partnership between Safran subsidiary StarChip and microcomputer developer Cortus.

Safran, Cortus to Offer Low-Power, Secure Processing for IoTWhile the two companies have collaborated before, they’re now teaming up to combine Safran’s secure hardware with Cortus’s low-power 32-bit processors in order to offer ‘root of trust’ solutions for the Internet of Things. In other words, their aim is to offer secure processing solutions that don’t use much energy – just the kind of thing needed for IoT devices.

The companies say they have already developed M2M hardware, and in a statement assert that with their new offerings they will target areas like “eSIM, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) and Know Your Customer (KYC) authentications.”

It could be a lucrative market to get into. A lot of companies are starting to explore how they can take advantage of the emerging IoT, and at the same time are running up against serious security concerns pertaining to the growing and complex networks of data transfer that are the IoT’s lifeblood. With Safran’s security expertise backing Cortus’ low-power chips, they could prove to be highly appealing processing solutions.