Safran Promotes Card Efforts in EMV Shift

As the US EMV shift continues, Safran is promoting its efforts to help things along through its partnership with Perfect Plastic Printing (PPP), an Illinois-based card maker.

Safran Promotes Card Efforts in EMV ShiftSafran Identity & Security—formerly Morpho (Safran)—provides the EMV technology used in the new payment cards, with Safran employees actively working in PPP’s production facilities. That work has likely been ramping up as merchants have adapted to regulatory changes introduced last year to encourage EMV adoption, with MasterCard recently reporting a 51 percent increase in the number of EMV cards in circulation in the US.

And as more organizations embrace EMV chip card technology in the US, the Safran-PPP partnership should continue to be a win-win for both companies. Commenting in a post on Safran’s website, PPP President Christopher Smoczynski said, “Through the cooperation with Safran Identity & Security we are strategically positioned in a perfect way to guide our US payment customers during the conversion phase and support the US market within the migration process move to EMV and beyond.”

And with the EMV shift, there’s another opportunity opening up, as POS readers equipped for EMV technology often can also process the NFC transactions used for some major mobile payment platforms such as Apple Pay. That opportunity isn’t lost on Safran, which has itself been exploring mPayments with a recent startup acquisition. In the same post on its website, Safran Identity & Security’s North America head Arnaud Jullien hinted at more to come, saying, “We are pleased to complement this advanced card offering with mobile payment services as well…”