Safran Gets IoT SIM Foothold in Latin America with Telecom Partnership

Millicom, a major telecommunications company servicing Latin America and Africa, has contracted Safran Identity & Security to offer secure technological solutions related to the emerging Internet of Things for its customers in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.Safran Gets IoT SIM Foothold in Latin America with Telecom Partnership

The deal will see Safran provide its M2M SIM card and an application designed for remote administration of those SIM cards. In a statement announcing the deal, Safran Identity & Security VP Yves Portalier said the solutions would allow Millicom to “open up new business possibilities, such as telematics, smart metering, smart vending machines, and for the Internet of Things in general.

Safran has worked intensively to position itself at the leading edge of IoT technology, with a particularly strong focus on SIM provisioning. And that’s clearly starting to pay off in markets in which the IoT is starting to emerge; in its statement the company cited an IHS Technology forecast predicting that in 2021, there will be 65 million connected devices in Latin America.

That’s why the Millicom partnership could prove important; and of course it’s a win for the telecom, too. As Millicom Director B2B Operations and New Businesses Bart Vanhaeren put it, “Safran is the ideal partner for Millicom to support our strategy to drive M2M and IoT market development in Latin America.”