Safran Highlights MorphoFlex Solution Amid GSMA eSIM Talks

Safran Identity & Security is highlighting its MorphoFlex remote SIM provisioning solution as it works with other industry leaders to hammer out standards for secure connections.

Safran Highlights MorphoFlex Solution Amid GSMA eSIM TalksThose efforts are being conducted under the umbrella of the GSMA, whose Remote SIM Provisioning Technical Group (RSPTEC) is helping to lead talks on the standards issue. Remote SIM provisioning through eSIMs essentially revolves around connecting mobile devices including wearables, tablets, and the like; as such, it’s expected to play an important role in the emerging Internet of Things, with Safran citing a Gartner prediction that by 2020, there will be over 13 billion connected consumer devices.

Many market opportunities are going to emerge with this trend, but so will new security threats, and as such the establishment of eSIM security standards is a critical issue. Safran’s MorphoFlex could be an important part of the solution, as its function is to manage MNO credentials on eSIMs. It’s also designed to be compatible with the GSMA’s Mobile Connect universal login system, which should help to make the solution more appealing to the various stakeholders working with GSMA.

For now, though, the key task is to establish standards. Commenting in a statement, Safran’s IoT Solutions Manager Gianni Uglietti said that the cross-industry collaboration “will ensure that consumers enjoy securely connected mobile devices and know that the privacy of their personal data is guaranteed by the quality of service delivered by mobile operators and the SIM.”