Safran Identity & Security Announces MorphoTablet 2

Safran Identity & Security has announced a new version of its MorphoTablet.

Safran Identity & Security Announces MorphoTablet 2Like the original biometric tablet, the MorphoTablet 2 offers fingerprint scanning and facial recognition capabilities, and offers electronic document verification with respect to electronic passports, ID cards, driver licenses, and so on. But it also now supports 4G connectivity, and a 13MP camera that can scan barcodes and passport Machine Readable Zones even in poor lighting conditions.

In a statement announcing the device’s launch, Safran Identity & Security CEO Anne Bouverot said:

“We are extremely proud to introduce here our new MorphoTablet 2. It will help both public and private institutions prevent identity fraud and provide even faster, more secure and innovative proximity services to citizens and customers.”

The original MorphoTablet has been used to enrol mobile subscribers in India and register and authenticate voters in Egypt, where the device saw its first major deployment. Fittingly, Safran Identity & Security is now getting ready to showcase the MorphoTablet 2 at next week’s Cairo ICT 2016 expo in Egypt.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)