Safran Teams With PSA Group to Promote Connected Car Security Solution

Safran Identity & Security has teamed up with PSA Group to help bring its electronic signature platform to the connected car.

Safran Teams With PSA Group to Promote Connected Car Security SolutionIt’s a major partnership: PSA Group is the multinational company behind the Peugeot, Citroën, and DS Automobiles brands. It was also a pioneering company in the world of telematics—the use of information technology systems in cars—with its Autonomous Telematic Box. Now, PSA equipment suppliers are using Safran’s digital signature technology to ensure the security of their vehicular IT communications.

Commenting in a statement, PSA Group CIO Laurent Schreiber said that “Safran Identity & Security has been adept at rising to the substantial challenges involved in validating the authentication of our vehicles and guaranteeing the integrity of their software with the highest levels of security.”

It’s a bit of high-profile recognition that should help to further burnish Safran’s credibility as it continues to position itself as a connectivity security solutions provider in the emerging Internet of Things market, of which the connected car could become a major component.