Samsung, Russian Telecom Look to 5G, IoT

Samsung has teamed up with Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), a major telecom serving Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Samsung, Russian Telecom Look to 5G, IoTThe two companies have already been collaborating on setting up LTE networks in Russia since 2013; their new agreement looks forward to the emergence of 5G and Internet of Things connectivity. In a statement announcing their new memorandum of understanding, Samsung detailed that it covers areas like “advanced Carrier Aggregation, Multiple-Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technologies, LTE Broadcast (eMBMS), Multi-path TCP (MPTCP) as well as IoT technologies such as NB-IoT and LTE-Machine.”

It’s an area in which the interests of major IT companies, telecoms, and even governments are converging, with all seeing significant opportunities in the emerging networks of the IoT. Ericsson, for example, recently announced new 5G R&D labs in France and has worked with China Mobile to test such technology. Meanwhile, America’s communications regulator recently made regulatory changes seeking to foster the domestic development of 5G networks.

Commenting on MTS’s newest agreement with Samsung, MTS VP of Technology Andrei Ushatskiy said his company “is consecutively working on preparation of its network in Russian regions for 5G technology deployment,” adding that the MoU with Samsung “is another important step on that way.”