Samsung Announces Speakers, Agenda for Developer Conference

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemSamsung Electronics has announced the keynote speakers for its upcoming Samsung Developer Conference, to be held in San Francisco on November 11 – 13. The speakers will be discussing a range of topics with biometric applications, ranging from digital healthcare to the Internet of Things.

Young Sohn, Samsung’s President and Chief Strategy Officer, will be discussing digital healthcare technology, an exciting field in which numerous companies are starting to use the biometric sensors embedded in mobile and wearable devices to track users’ health stats – even Apple has gotten into this game with its new iPhones’ HealthKit app. Meanwhile, Eric Anderson, a product-development executive with Samsung Electronics America, and Alex Hawkinson, CEO of SmartThings, Inc., will discuss topics related to smart homes and the Internet of Things. While biometrics have yet to really blow up in those specific fields, it’s certainly conceivable to start thinking about applications such as biometric locks like the ones now finding a market in data storage and medical centres.

Mobile commerce is another field that has conference participants excited.

“Together with Samsung, we’ve been at the forefront of using biometrics and wearables to make shopping and paying safer and easier,” said Jonathan LeBlanc, PayPal’s Head of Developer Advocacy. “With Samsung’s latest mobile devices, people can login to shop and pay with PayPal at millions of online stores by simply using a fingerprint.”

Indeed, and with Apple’s entry into that field with its Touch ID biometric security and Apple Pay mobile commerce platform, this is a very active field in an overall biometrics market that is experiencing huge growth and anticipating more, as evidenced by Samsung’s huge conference.