Samsung Apps to Invade iOS: Report

Samsung Apps to Invade iOS: ReportSamsung is planning to bring nearly all of its mobile apps to rival Apple’s iOS platform, according to SamMobile.

That includes Samsung’s fitness-tracking software, such as the S Health app and the Gear Fit Manager, which collects biometric data from Samsung’s Gear Git wristband. That means, of course, that users will be able to sync these Samsung wearables with their Apple iPhones.

Samsung is also aiming to bring over Remote App, which enables control over multiple devices, and Family Square, a “virtual home command center” app. Both of these nod toward the smart home of the future—an area where Samsung has been keen to get a foothold.

Given that mobile devices—including the iPhone—could play a central role in the smart home concept and an increasingly important role in fitness-tracking technology, Samsung seems to be willing to shelve partisan differences as it tries to get its technology into these product ecosystems. As more Internet of Things and wearable devices proliferate, it will be interesting to see whether Apple adopts a similar attitude, or continues with its more closed-platform approach.

Source: SamMobile