Samsung to Bring Biometrics to Cheaper Smartphones

Samsung to Bring Biometrics to Cheaper SmartphonesAccording to new reports citing sources close to Samsung, the company is working on bringing more advanced features to budget-range smartphones. Among those features will be Samsung Pay support and fingerprint sensors.

No further details are currently available, but the inclusion of both features on lower-end devices would seem to be a natural progression. Samsung Pay has to compete with both Apple Pay and Android Pay, and while the former is only available through Apple’s luxury mobile devices, the latter is compatible with a growing range of smartphones from third-party developers; since Samsung Pay is currently only available on a handful of Samsung’s most recent flagship smartphones, trying to bring it to cheaper devices could dramatically widen its reach.

Meanwhile, fingerprint sensors are by now more or less standard features on high-end smartphones, and their presence at the mid and lower ranges is increasing. CoolPad, for example, launched a smartphone priced around $150 USD this past summer; and even last fall Xolo was trying to bring fingerprint scanning to the lower end of the spectrum. Add to this the important security role that fingerprint authentication plays in Samsung Pay transactions, and the implementation to bring such sensors, along with the mPayment service itself, to cheaper devices makes a lot of sense – if that is indeed what Samsung aims to do.

Source: GSM Arena