Samsung brainBAND Designed to Aid Concussion Research

Samsung Australia has announced a new wearable device aimed at concussion research.

Samsung brainBAND Designed to Aid Concussion Research

(image via Samsung Australia)

Called the brainBAND, it’s a headband outfitted with biometric sensors designed to analyze impacts to the head, particularly in sport applications. It’s a product of Samsung’s Launching People program, which teams up two experts from different fields for each project; in this case, those individuals were neuroscientist Dr. Alan Pearce and industrial designer Braden Wilson.

In a statement unveiling the device, Samsung Australia called concussion “a growing societal issue in Australia”, and CMO Philip Newton asserted that the company is “extremely proud to have helped facilitate the work of Dr. Alan Pearce and Braden Wilson to create the brainBAND prototype to aid research into concussion in sport.”

Samsung isn’t the first company to leverage biometric wearables for concussion research; US-based X2 Biosystems, for example, has also been working in this space, even teaming up with the US Army to bring its technology to military applications. But Samsung is perhaps the most prominent brand yet to announce such a device, and this may signal more to follow as wearables continue to become more prominent in the years to come.