Samsung Expects Big Sales Numbers for New Smartphones

Galaxy S6Samsung is expecting to break records with shipments of its new flagship smartphones, according to an Associated Press report. The Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge went on sale in 20 countries last Friday.

The S6 Edge is, of course, the one with the ‘three-sided screen‘ – though you might say it’s really just one slightly curved screen. Either way, users seem to like it, and Samsung CEO Shin Jong-kyun said it’s going to be hard for his company to meet demand, partly because it’s difficult to make those curved screens. According to the AP report, pre-launch reviews have lauded the phone’s design, reviewers also being appreciative of the glass and metal chassises, which have replaced the cheap-seeming plastic of past devices.

The new devices should go some way in helping Samsung to recover marketshare after the difficulties the company has faced against smaller rivals and its nemesis Apple, to whom it lost an unprecedented amount of territory last year on its home turf of South Korea. While analysts remain skeptical about Samsung’s prospects in unseating Apple as the top brand in the Chinese market, things are looking up for the company, and its newly-released fiscal report indicates that Samsung is already starting to stopper its financial losses.