Samsung Reportedly Developing Fingerprint Sensors

Samsung is working on its own fingerprint sensors, according to new reports.

Samsung Reportedly Developing Fingerprint SensorsThe speculation seems to have originated from industry sources indicating that Samsung is currently “in the final stages of development” (reports SamMobile) and aims to commercialize its sensors next year. The company is expected to start using the sensors in its lower-end smartphones, and to continue sourcing sensors from US-based Synaptics for its flagship devices until its sensor technology is sufficiently refined to take their place.

The reports arrive soon after an announcement from Precise Biometrics that its fingerprint recognition algorithm software has been licensed to Samsung’s System LSI Division, which is also said to be the arm responsible for the development of Samsung’s sensor hardware. Precise Biometrics is one of the leading suppliers of algorithm software for the mobile sensor market, and its technology has frequently been used in combination with sensors from Fingerprint Cards, an industry leader.

It isn’t yet clear if Samsung is aiming to itself become a sensor supplier to other OEMs, or if the technology under development is primarily intended for its own devices; but as AndroidHeadlines notes, its in-house Exynos chipsets and memory chips are used in Samsung phones and those of other mobile device makers.

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