Samsung Offers Almost-Free Trial of Galaxy Devices


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung is taking a radical new approach in its competition against mobile rival Apple. The company is letting iPhone users in the US try one of its latest smartphones for 30 days for only one dollar.

In promotional content on its website, Samsung urges iPhone users to “try something new”. It is, in a way, a timely message. Samsung’s latest devices are indeed novel, with the S6 Edge in particular sporting a unique curved screen, and the Note 5 of course utilizing a stylus, in keeping with previous versions of that brand; and the company has just released the Galaxy S6 Edge+ earlier than expected, a move widely viewed as an attempt to cut ahead of the new devices anticipated from Apple in September. By now, iPhone users are very familiar with their iPhones, which have changed little over the past couple of years, and only incremental change is expected for the forthcoming iterations. So many users may be persuaded by Samsung’s message, feeling it’s time for change.

At the same time, the 30-day trial could be seen as a desperate stunt, and users will have to return their Samsung devices in mint condition at the end of the trial period, or else pay for them in full. As Jay McGregor suggests in a Forbes article, “Once you receive your handset, wrap it in wool and lock in a safe for 30 days without ever using it.” Facetious commentary aside, it will be interesting to see how users respond to Samsung’s gambit.

Source: Forbes