Samsung Galaxy A5 Features Egis Fingerprint Sensor

An Egis Technology fingerprint sensor is being used to power the biometric scanning of a new Samsung smartphone, the company has announced. The Samsung Galaxy A5, one of Samsung’s new mid-range devices announced this past winter, features Egis’s ET320 sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features Egis Fingerprint SensorIn a statement announcing the integration, Egis highlighted the high performance and low power consumption of its device, and CEO Steve Ro was emphatic about the importance of being selected for integration by such a high-profile smartphone maker. “We are extremely proud of this design win, as we believe that this is a major milestone for Egis and the culmination of over 2.5 years of relentless work and support,” he said, adding that the company will endeavor to further expand its partnership with Samsung going forward.

Indeed, while Egis has made a name for itself with its FIDO-certified UAF and U2F YuKey devices, the integration of its technology into prominent new Samsung devices could considerably raise its profile in the smartphone OEM market. And if Samsung does integrate Egis technology into more devices in the future, the company could soon become one of the market’s leading sensor suppliers.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)