Samsung Galaxy S8 and Tab S3 Get Common Criteria Certification

Samsung has attained Common Criteria certification for its Galaxy S8 and Tab S3 devices, helping to ensure access to the government market.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Tab S3 Get Common Criteria CertificationThe Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation is administrated by the National Information Assurance Partnership, and is a key gateway to the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) list; in other words, it’s a security standard aimed at ensuring that approved devices are secure enough for government use. While the Common Criteria standard is rooted in the US, it has international recognition, providing the basis for certification programs run by 28 governments around the world.

In a statement announcing the certification, Samsung Electronics America VP Chris Balcik said the company is “committed to pursuing and validating our devices against the most stringent certifications available in the market”, adding that the Common Criteria approval means that customers in the government sector “will be able to continue enjoying the ease of use they have come to expect on Samsung devices without having to compromise security.”

The Samsung Galaxy S8 (and the S8+ variant, which also received approval) could prove particularly useful in sensitive government applications thanks to its pioneering use of iris recognition for user authentication, especially as government interest in biometric security continues to rise.