Samsung Offers Glimpse of ‘Gear S2’ Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S2

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Samsung offered a brief glimpse at its forthcoming smartwatch after announcing its newest smartphones today. The company also offered a couple of details about the product and its release.

For one thing, the name has changed: Originally rumored to be the Samsung Gear A, it’s now being called the Samsung Gear S2, offering a direct reference to its predecessor, the Samsung Gear S, which was perhaps the first major smartwatch to hit the mass market, and also its first flop as such. Expectations are higher this time around now that Apple has helped to popularize the device concept with its Apple Watch, though debate continues about whether that device can really be considered a market success.

Samsung also deigned to reveal the launch date of the new smartwatch; it will make its official debut at a Berlin media event on September 3rd.

Perhaps most importantly, Samsung showed off images of the smartwatch’s stylish face, a circular digital display that seems to mimic a regular watch face by default, with a silver-colored metallic bezel and chassis. The sleek design hints that Samsung may be emulating Apple in attempting to offer not just a new kind of mobile device, but a new kind of luxury watch too.

Source: The Verge