Samsung Gear S2 iOS Compatibility May be Imminent

It looks like the Samsung Gear S2 is finally about to get its iPhone compatibility, according to new reports.

Samsung Gear S2 iOS Compatibility May be ImminentSamsung first announced the coming iOS support at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, where it also launched the new luxury models of the smartwatch. Now, that functionality may finally be arriving, with a leaked version of the putative software having been posted on a Vietnamese tech website. While it’s generally considered unwise to download such materials from unofficial sources, if the software is indeed connected to Gear S2 iOS compatibility, it indicates that an official release could be imminent.

When it does arrive, the software could open Samsung’s smartwatch directly to one of its main rivals’ product ecosystems. Still, it isn’t clear that there’s much of an appetite for such functionality among iPhone users, given that the Apple Watch is tailored specifically (and solely) for iOS functionality.

Nevertheless, it could be a sign of increasingly heated competition in the smartwatch market, which in turn may indicate a growing sense among Apple and Samsung of market potential with respect to smartwatches.

Sources:, UberGizmo