Samsung Heads Off Apple Watch with Gear S

Gear SSamsung is releasing a new smartwatch tomorrow. The Gear S smartwatch will be on sale throughout the US, provided by carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Sporting a rather large, curved screen, the Gear S will be able to play cellular radio, pull social and email notifications without having to rely on the user’s phone, and will also be able to make calls, although that too must be done with connecting to a user’s phone – meaning it will need its own phone and data plan. And while Samsung hasn’t set an official price, carriers are putting it around $350 to $400, along with $0 down plans. (Chris Welch, writing for for The Verge, notes that T-mobile offers a $5 monthly plan that gets users “unlimited data and texting with up to 500 MB of data,” which is a really fun way of describing a pretty limited data plan.)

Of course, Apple’s own smartwatch is coming next year, and given the useful biometric systems and mobile commerce applications installed on its current mobile devices, the Apple Watch will likely offer some pretty advanced features to compete against the Gear S. Whoever comes out on top, it seems that business is booming for wearable tech.