Samsung Delves Deeper Into IoT Architecture with New Microsoft-Friendly Tech

Samsung is making two big pushes on the Internet of Things front, seeking to strengthen its position in core architecture.

Samsung Delves Deeper Into IoT Architecture with New Microsoft-Friendly TechOne of those efforts is the Exynos i T200. Designed for IoT applications, it’s a compact, low-power processor featuring both a Cortex-R4 processor and a Cortex-M0+ processor, as well as built-in Wi-Fi support. Importantly, it’s also Microsoft Azure Certified, which could help to ensure that it finds its way into range of new devices emerging on Microsoft’s IoT platform.

The other big development is the release of Tizen 4.0, Samsung’s Linux-based operating system. It’s designed to offer a particularly friendly experience to developers working on IoT solutions, and to that end again features Microsoft support in the form of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen, a custom version of a popular development environment system offered by Microsoft.

Significantly, Tizen 4.0 comes with Voice Touch APIs, enabling embedded voice command support for apps and programs built using Tizen, should developers take advantage of it. It’s another signal that voice command is emerging as a key user interface for the IoT, with other big names like Apple, Google, and Amazon, also seeking to refine the voice interaction of their own offerings.

Samsung says Tizen 4.0 will receive updates throughout the second half of the year, with a final version planned before the year’s end; the Exynos i T200, meanwhile, has just gone into mass production.