Samsung Escalates IoT Development Partner Program

Samsung says the recent 2016 Advanced IoT Technology Conference involved 120 executives from 67 partner companies.

Samsung is stepping up its efforts to secure a strong position in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Samsung Escalates IoT Development Partner ProgramThe company has just wrapped up its 2016 Advanced IoT Technology Conference in Suwon, South Korea. With the annual event, Samsung acts as a kind of liaison and facilitator, connecting academic researchers working on innovative solutions to its market partners. It designed to produce a win-win-win scenario, with Samsung ultimately benefiting from whatever exciting products and services its partners end up creating.

And now, Samsung is pushing things further by moving beyond the annual event schedule to a quarterly schedule. This may be a sign that Samsung anticipates near-term, rapid development in the IoT, and big potential market gains.

As for this year’s event, Samsung says it involved 120 executives from 67 partner companies.  Researchers from four universities presented their Internet of Things technologies, which included a voice recognition sensor and a device management systems designed to monitor energy use, among others.

Source: BusinessKorea