Samsung’s Mobile Iris Biometrics Provided by Princeton Identity

Princeton Identity has officially announced a licensing deal with Samsung that will bring its iris recognition technology into the latter’s mobile devices.

Princeton Identity is Samsung's Iris Biometrics SourceThe deal comes as no surprise: Princeton Identity is a spinoff of SRI International, and was launched last month with considerable capital backing from Samsung Ventures. The OEM has recently sought to become one of the early adopters pioneering iris recognition with its Galaxy Note7 smartphone, and it evidently plans to stick with the modality going forward. The companies have now officially confirmed that the Note7’s iris scanning technology comes from Princeton Identity.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Princeton Identity CEO Mark Clifton asserted that among the security solutions offered with biometrics, iris scanning “in particular is known to be a more stable and accurate identifier than other available technologies,” adding that his team is pleased that Samsung chose its technology for the Note7 and “confident that additional applications will quickly follow.

As the Note7 helps to drive up general market interest in iris biometrics, Princeton Identity has indicated that more iris recognition solutions the company has in the works will have applications in continuous authentication, the smart home, and the Internet of Things more broadly.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)