Samsung Leaks Details of S6 Active

Samsung Leaks Details of S6 ActiveSamsung has accidentally revealed a number of details about a forthcoming new version of its Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone. The details came to light via a user manual uploaded to its US mobile website, which was quickly removed.

Samsung is in the habit of releasing more rugged versions of its flagship mobile devices under its Samsung Active line. Accordingly, the S6 Active looks to be a little sturdier than the current model, while maintaining many of the same technical specifications. It appears to have ditched the glass-coated back of the current Galaxy S6, and it has physical menu buttons rather than touch-based ones.

It has also abandoned the fingerprint scanner, which could limit its functionality with a number of applications going forward given the new Android M operating system’s embrace of native fingerprint sensor capabilities. That could prove especially problematic with the rise of the major mPayment platforms; and it’s a curious move given that Samsung itself is readying its own such platform for release this fall.

Nevertheless, the device could prove popular with consumers looking for a tougher piece of hardware and relatively unconcerned with functionality. It’s not clear when it will come out, but given the comprehensiveness of this leak, it seems likely to hit the market soon.

Source: Business Insider