Samsung May Hit Reset on Galaxy Line

Samsung LogoIt looks like Samsung is about to reset their line of Galaxy devices, according to a new TechRadar article by Michael Rougeau. According to sources, the company will introduce a new line of mobile devices with single-letter names.

At this time no further details are known, but there’s a lot of room for speculation. The company just released a new smart watch – dubbed the Gear S – heading off next year’s release of the Apple Watch, and this may indicate a growing interest in a wider variety of mobile devices beyond phones. And with the growing ubiquity of biometric technology in mobile devices – whether for security purposes as in Apple’s fingerprint-scanning TouchID system, or for health purposes as in the Jawbone Up3’s bioimpedance sensors – it’s fair to say that Samsung will likely want to investigate the possibilities offered by the field in its next product line. Alternatively, Samsung may want to focus on competing against the growing number of low-end smartphones flooding into the market with technological features previously reserved for premium products. Time will tell, as for now Samsung is keeping mum.