Samsung’s Not Done With Mobile Iris Biometrics: Report

A report from The Korea Herald asserts Samsung plans to carry on with its ambitious embrace of mobile iris biometrics in its next flagship smartphone.

With its Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone now on permanent hiatus, Samsung is looking ahead to the release of the Galaxy S8, its next flagship device.

Samsung's Not Done With Mobile Iris Biometrics: ReportAs The Korea Herald reports, the Galaxy S8 is expected to feature a dual-lens camera, à la the iPhone 7. That should help its lens suppliers make up for losses relating to the discontinuation of the Note7, which has been so plagued by reports of some units catching fire while charging that Samsung has been forced to shelve the device after an initial recall and replace effort failed to stop the issue.

Samsung also plans to carry on with its ambitious embrace of iris scanning. Before the Note7’s explosiveness overshadowed the handset’s technological innovations, its iris scanning function was perhaps its top-billed feature, and represented an instance in which Samsung managed to get a technological leg-up on its arch-rival Apple, which pioneered mainstream mobile fingerprint biometrics with its iPhone’s Touch ID system. Samsung is supposedly bringing the feature to the Galaxy S8, evidently hoping to pick up where the Note7 left off.

Much of this information was divulged to The Korea Herald by an unnamed Samsung official, indicating that the company is eager to move the discussion of its brand beyond the Note7 fiasco and onto what could still be a bright future for the company’s smartphone arm, and for mobile biometrics.

Source: The Korea Herald


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