Samsung Has A New Wearable Up Its Sleeve

Samsung is inviting journalists to its next major wearable device launch. The event will take place in Berlin on August 31st.

Samsung Has A New Wearable Up Its SleeveThe company was coy in its invitation, offering no details about the device to be announced. Instead, the invitation featured a round graphic seeming to represent a watch face, with accompanying text reading “TALK ABOUT 3”. The marketing may hint that the device will be a sequel to its previous Gear S2 smartwatch.

It seems about time for a revamp of its flagship wearable, with the long-awaited Gear S2 version of the Samsung Pay app having finally arrived last month, and not quite sticking the landing. Samsung may also be anticipating new developments regarding the Apple Watch as its rival’s usual September device launch season approaches.

Whatever it is, the new wearable will arrive at a time of building excitement for the device category. Visa, for example, has been promoting new wearable payment devices at the Rio Olympics, and PayPal has been pushing similar technology.

Of course, Samsung has been toying with wearables other than wristbands too, having announced an impact-sensing headband designed for medical research earlier this year, and more recently having licensed ear-based biometric technology from Valencell, which could be applied to headphone devices. Such technologies could lead to some interesting peripheral pairings, but for now the smart money is on the debut of a new smartwatch, at the very least. We’ll know for sure on August 31st.