Samsung Pay Gets User Interface Update

Samsung has updated the user interface of its mobile payments app.Samsung Pay Gets User Interface Update

It’s not a huge change, but it appears that Samsung’s software engineers are going for an overall cleaner look. Whereas the older version of Samsung Pay was dominated by a grid of feature buttons linking to things like “Gift cards”, “Deals”, and so on, in version 2.8.18 a number of those buttons are relegated to a menu bar at the bottom of the screen, while more important features like “Payment Cards” and “Samsung Rewards” get a bigger billing in a central section.

The subtle change isn’t going to bring new users onboard, but it could help current users to enjoy the Samsung Pay experience a little more, which in turn could build more positive buzz for the platform. While the dynamics of user interaction with any given app are subtle, the importance of the design of the user interface is widely acknowledged to be important in encouraging use; among a frustrated set of smartphone owners who are trying to overcome a feeling of addiction to their devices, there is even a growing movement to change color settings to a gray palette, a move aimed at making the phone less fun to use.

For its part, Samsung has endeavored to make using Samsung Pay as easy as possible, in part through innovative technologies like iris recognition, allowing users of the company’s latest premium smartphones to confirm transactions just by looking at their devices. An effectively revamped user interface could help to encourage use of the app just a little bit further.

Sources: AndroidCentral, DroidLife