Samsung Pay Swipes at Apple Pay in New Ad

Samsung Pay Swipes at Apple Pay in New AdSamsung has released a new ad for Samsung Pay, its mPayment platform, which is currently in beta ahead of its September 28th US release. Set to an upbeat version of the song My Favorite Things, the ad highlights the ease of use of the system, and isn’t above taking a little dig at Apple Pay.

The POS terminal is at the center of the ad – literally; various terminals occupy the central space of the camera as a variety of purchases are demonstrated in rapid succession. It’s a clever move, highlighting Samsung Pay’s broad and diverse compatibility, enabled via its innovative LoopPay technology, which can essentially trick a traditional swipe-based card reader into reading an NFC-enabled smartphone without any hardware contact.

The point is highlighted with a simple line of text near the end of the ad, which reads, “The most accepted mobile payment.” Not to mention a little hiccup in the middle of the ad when a user tries to swipe an iPhone over a swipe-based POS terminal; indeed, Apple Pay’s great disadvantage against Samsung Pay is its requirement that the merchant’s POS has an NFC reader.

Apple Pay, being the dominant mPayment service right now, is the only rival targeted in the ad, which makes no apparent reference to Android Pay – perhaps because it isn’t yet seen as a strong threat, or out of a sense of loyalty to longtime strategic partner Google. The ad’s use of a song often associated with Christmas suggests that Samsung may try to push its mPayment solution as a quick and easy means of picking up holiday shopping over the next few months. Most consumers will agree that it’s a bit early for that kind of thing, but the many Samsung device users among them may take note of the new payment option as they start to think ahead to the holiday season.