Samsung Pay Gets Citibank Support Ahead of Singapore Launch

Samsung Pay has garnered the support of another major bank in Singapore ahead of its launch in the country. Citibank Singapore cardholders will be able to use the mobile payment platform when it launches.
Samsung Pay Gets Citibank Support Ahead of Singapore LaunchIt isn’t clear when exactly that will happen, but it should be soon. Almost immediately after Apple Pay was launched in the country, Samsung announced that its own mPayment platform would arrive within the second quarter. It has reportedly proceeded to launch a beta test of the service, too, which suggests that progress is underway.
While Samsung Pay isn’t a direct competitor against Apple Pay, with each platform running on discreet hardware ecosystems, there has nevertheless been a sense of rivalry between them, often with Samsung Pay striving to catch up as Apple has entered into new markets. Executives of the latter have indicated that they are currently working intensively to dramatically extend Apple Pay’s global reach, and that suggests further expansion for Samsung Pay is on the horizon as well.