Samsung Pay Makes No-Frills Debut on Gear S2

Samsung Pay has finally arrived on the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, reports Droid Life.

Samsung Pay Makes No-Frills Debut on Gear S2It’s a long-awaited feature for the smartwatch, with a wearable version of the mobile payments service first announced for November of last year. That could have encouraged more users to try out Samsung Pay during the busy holiday shopping season, but a Gear S2 app didn’t materialize, and is only today arriving on the smartwatch.

As Droid Life reports, it isn’t the easiest thing to set up on the smartwatch, requiring “a whole bunch of steps” after the user has launched it from the Gear App. A password needs to be set up and payment cards need to be added, even if they have already been uploaded on the smartphone version of the user’s app. Another drawback is that the smartwatch doesn’t support the MST technology used to make Samsung Pay compatible with traditional swipe-based card readers where NFC isn’t available—one of the biggest selling points of Samsung Pay when compared against other mPayment platforms.

These drawbacks aside, for the enthusiastic users who are interested in both Samsung Pay and the Gear S2 smartwatch, the combination of both will come as a very welcome development.

Source: Droid Life