Samsung Pay Gets 39 New Supporters Among US Financial Institutions

Samsung Pay has garnered the support of 39 additional US financial institutions.

Samsung Pay Gets 39 New Supporters Among US Financial InstitutionsAs has been the case with Apple Pay, since Samsung’s mPayment platform has already attained the support of the country’s most prominent banks, the latest additions tend to be smaller and more regional institutions. Among the new supporters are organizations like Hastings City Bank, Los Angeles Federal Credit Union, and Summit Community Bank.

The new support should help to shore up Samsung Pay’s presence in the US, but the service’s overall roster of supporters is much smaller than that of Apple Pay, which had a head start of about a year on its home turf. Still, because each platform is restricted to its maker’s device ecosystem – Apple Pay can only be used on newer iPhones, while Samsung Pay can only be used on certain Samsung Galaxy devices – they are not in direct competition, so Samsung Pay’s gains can be viewed more as a win over Android Pay, which is available on Android devices including those of Samsung.

Of course, for users, the new support simply means that some more Americans can now use Samsung Pay, which should come as welcome news to those who have compatible devices and are curious to try it out.

Source: Android Authority