Samsung Pay Reprises Gift Card Giveaway

Samsung is reprising its $30 gift card promotional offer to get new Samsung Pay users.

Samsung Pay Reprises Gift Card GiveawayFollowing a similar promotion that ended last month, new users will receive $30 gift cards for select merchants including Best Buy, eBay, GameStop, and Regal Entertainment. That first promotion entitled Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users to the gift card after their first purchase; while the new promotion requires three successful Samsung Pay purchases, but is available via all compatible Samsung devices.

It could be evidence that Samsung Pay’s first promotion was perceived by the company as a success in terms of bringing new users into the fold. Meanwhile, rival Android Pay has launched its own promotional giveaway, trying to entice new users with free data from Verizon.

All of this would appear to indicate a heating mPayment market as these rivals, Apple Pay, and others battle it out in the US and beyond. Samsung Pay is planning launches in several new markets this year including the UK, where Android Pay is also planning an imminent debut, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if similar promotional efforts are made in these new markets.

Source: Android Headlines