New Smartphones Hint at Launch of Samsung Pay in China

New Smartphones Hint at Launch of Samsung Pay in ChinaSamsung has unveiled new versions of its mid-range flagship devices, the Galaxy A3, A5, and A7. And in so doing, the company may be hinting at a December launch date for Samsung Pay in China.

First, the devices: All of the new Galaxy A devices will run on Android 5.1, and the A5 and A7 will feature 1.6 GHz Octa Core processors; the A3, meanwhile, will feature a 1.5 GHz Quad Core processor. The A7 will be the biggest of the bunch, with a 5.5″ screen, while the A5 will have a 5.2″ screen and the A3’s will come in at 4.7″. But perhaps most importantly, the A5 and the A7 will feature embedded fingerprint scanners and Samsung Pay functionality.

Given that all of the devices are slated for an initial launch in China in the middle of this month (with an expanded release later), there is now some speculation that Samsung could be preparing for a mid-December launch of Samsung Pay. That would be remarkably soon, given that other recent reports speculated about a possible Q1 launch next year, and especially in light of the rumors of a February launch for Apple Pay – Samsung would be beating its mPayment arch-rival to the punch by a considerable margin.

Those may be good reasons to be skeptical about this kind of speculation. What is certain is that Samsung will have more Samsung Pay-ready devices on the market by the end of the year – though that market might not support Samsung Pay.

Source: VentureBeat