New Samsung Devices, Samsung Pay to Launch August 21

New Samsung Devices, Samsung Pay to Launch August 21Samsung’s next flagship devices are going to hit the market even sooner than anticipated. According to anonymous – but very insistent – sources cited by SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+ are going to be announced on August 12 and will hit the market less than two weeks after that, on August 21.

The Galaxy Note 5 will reportedly be essentially a bigger version of the Galaxy S6, though in design it will resemble the sleek, screen-focused Galaxy A8, with a very thin bezel. The Galaxy S6 edge+ will basically be a bigger version of the S6 Edge, curved screen included. It’s also going to have 3GB or RAM and a Exynos 7420 microprocessor.

The timing of the devices’ launch is interesting. While the major players’ new smartphones tend to be launched in the early autumn and particularly in September, there had been some speculation that Samsung’s new devices could hit the market as early as July, partly so that they wouldn’t have to compete against the next iteration of the iPhone, which will reportedly run on Samsung’s own microprocessors. At the time, Samsung denied the rumours; now it seems to have split the difference.

The other big rumor associated with these devices’ launches is that they will coincide with the release of Samsung Pay in the US, the company’s new mPayment platform. This, too, is not officially confirmed, but if true it will represent a major escalation of competition in the mPayment market, where Apple Pay currently dominates more or less unchallenged.

Source: SamMobile