Samsung Pay Promo Offers Up to $100 in Gift Cards for Sprint Users

Samsung is continuing its promotional push of Samsung Pay in the US with a new partnership with telecom Sprint. Customers who purchase a Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge with Sprint will be eligible for up to $100 in gift cards.

Samsung Pay Promo Offers Up to $100 in Gift Cards for Sprint UsersThe amount that users receive will depend on how much they use Samsung Pay. Those who make at least three Samsung Pay purchases between now and July 7th will receive $20 in gift cards, and will get another $30-worth after five payments; those who make a total of 10 Samsung Pay purchases within the promotional period will get another $50 gift card. The gift cards could be for GAP Options, Nike,, Toys R Us, and Whole Foods.

It’s a more extensive offer than the company’s previous promotional campaign, which rewarded new Samsung Pay users with $30 gift cards after their first three transactions. That offer built upon a previous campaign by making multiple purchases a requirement, and the new promotion clearly doubles down on that motif, suggesting that Samsung has been sharpening its focus on habit-building. It also seems to borrow somewhat from the promotional playbook of Android Pay – arguably Samsung Pay’s main rival in the US û which recently partnered with Verizon in a campaign offering free data to new users. However they shake out, all such efforts suggest continued growth in the US mPayment market.

Source: Android Authority