Samsung Pay Running Late for Smartwatch Debut

Samsung Pay Running Late for Smartwatch DebutSamsung Gear S2 users won’t be getting Samsung Pay this Christmas. According to Samsung’s US Twitter account, the company’s mPayment service isn’t going to arrive on smartwatches until sometime next year.

Samsung Pay is already available in the US on newer Samsung smartphones, but the company hasn’t yet explained why the service won’t be adapted for the Gear S2 until 2016. Originally, its smartwatch launch had been scheduled for November, and it seems fair to speculate that Samsung was likely keen to get people using the service during the holiday shopping season.

The delay will widely be perceived as a slip on Samsung’s part in the company’s efforts to compete with arch-rival Apple, whose Apple Pay mPayment service has been available in the US for over a year, and is very much compatible with that company’s smartwatch. But it still isn’t clear exactly how much excitement there is over Apple’s mPayment platform, which may suggest that Samsung Pay isn’t far behind in the race.

It may even be ahead; for its part, Samsung has been very enthusiastic about the American reception to its mPayment platform. As for the smartwatch compatibility issue, the company says further details are on the way.

Sources: TechRadar, Engadget