News Roundup: Samsung Pay Enters Spain

Last week at Mobile ID World we featured an interview with Aratek CEO Michael Shao while major mobile wallet news and smart card related headlines dominated the industry news. Last week also had its share of stories involving two factor authentication, biometric smartphones, and mobile banking.

Here’s a look back on all of last week’s top stories in mobile digital identity:

Samsung Pay

Mobile ID News Roundup: Samsung Pay Enters SpainLast week Samsung made gains in the mobile wallet wars, launching Samsung Pay in Spain before its rival Apple Pay made it into the country. Samsung is also eyeing Singapore, scoring support from Citibank last week, ahead of an impending launch in the country.

Samsung Pay Beats Apple Pay to Spain

Samsung Pay Gets Citibank Support Ahead of Singapore Launch

Apple And Biometrics

Mobile ID News Roundup: Samsung Pay Enters SpainApple Pay had its own victories last week too, winning the support of three more major Canadian banks. In the US, Grubhub announced Apple Pay support too, while the Cupertino company disclosed the date and time of its upcoming WWDC keynote address, whcih will take place a week from today.

Biggest Five Canadian Banks Now Support Apple Pay

Grubhub Announces Apple Pay Support

Apple Announces WWDC Keynote Address

Retail and Banking

Mobile ID News Roundup: Samsung Pay Enters SpainLast week we saw a new report from Goode Intelligence illustrating that the mobile biometrics in financial services market is accelerating. Meanwhile, Daon enabled multimodal mobile biometrics for Gulf Bank Kuwait via its future-proof IdentityX platform. Square announced a new Register API update last week too, while we got a look at how mobile retail, voice command, payments and robotics are converging thanks to a partnership between MasterCard and Pizza Hut.

Mobile Biometrics in Financial Services Accelerating: Report

Daon Enables Mobile Biometrics For Gulf Bank Kuwait

Square Expands Into mPayments on Android

MasterCard Tech to Help Robots Take Pizza Orders

Smart Cards

Mobile ID News Roundup: Samsung Pay Enters SpainFingerprint Cards (FPC) announced two smart card fingerprint sensor integrations last week, making good on its stated goal of expanding into the smart card arena. Meanwhile, NEXT Biometrics announced its new line of fingerprint sensors built specifically to serve the smart card market.

Fingerprint Cards Announces Smart Card Integration

FPC Sensor Integrated With MeReal Biometrics’ Smart Card

NEXT Biometrics Announces Smart Card Focused Sensors

Smartphone Biometrics

Mobile Biometrics FeatureWhile smart cards are the hot tickets right now in mobile biometrics, smartphone integrations are still making the news and bringing biometrics to the people. Two new smartphone models from ASUS were launched last week with Synaptics sensors, and FPC announced that its FPC1155 touch sensor has been built into the new ZUK Z2 from Lenovo. A tablet made the news too, with reports that a new vertical-facing rugged tablet is shipping with the option to add a fingerprint reader module.

New ASUS Zenfone 3 Deluxe Features Synaptics Biometrics

Rugged Tablet Features Fingerprint Biometrics Module

Lenovo’s ZUK Z2 Sports FPC Biometrics

Two Factor Authentication

Mobile ID News Roundup: Samsung Pay Enters SpainLast week we learned that the National Stock Exchange in India is going to begin implementing two-factor authentication. The NSE isn’t the only entity looking to the two-step, as we also saw Verismic Software add two-factor authentication to its Cloud Management Suite.

India’s National Stock Exchange to Introduce 2FA Security

Verismic Software Embraces Two-Factor Authentication for CMS Platform


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