Samsung Pay UK Launch Delayed

Samsung Pay won’t come to the UK until 2017, reports The Telegraph.

Samsung Pay UK Launch DelayedWhile Samsung had repeatedly suggested that its mobile payment platform would launch in the region this year, it has now confirmed that the plan has been postponed. Samsung hasn’t offered an explanation for the delay, and a website for Samsung Pay in the UK erroneously states that the service ‘is currently available only in the US and Korea’ (it is currently available in eight countries); but The Telegraph reports that “the launch is believed to have been tied up amid negotiations with banks.”

It wasn’t easy going for Apple when it sought to pioneer mPayments in the UK last year, with the company having faced some resistance from banks reluctant to sign on, seeing the platform as a threat and rival. Android Pay, meanwhile, launched in the UK this past summer; while Google has previously relied on mobile companies like Samsung to run its mPayment platform, the launch of its Pixel smartphones earlier this year suggests growing competition between the companies.

Samsung hasn’t yet offered any specifics for its new timeline in terms of the month or even quarter in which Samsung Pay will launch in the UK next year.

Source: The Telegraph